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Latest Production

Be ready to embark on a journey through Vrindavan along with Little Krishna and his friends. Always upto mischief and tricks, the gang is on a perpetual quest for their next pot of butter. In between all their pranks, the village also begins to realise the power and magic of the little son of Nanda and Yashodha.

A play in English that will appeal to kids of all ages with its high energy action and soft playful moments. So come, be a part of the wondrous adventures of Natkhat Krishna as he and his friends light up Vrindavan. Laugh, dance, sing and enjoy to the glory of his flute, mischief, affection, wisdom and bravery!!!

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About Us

"KidzConnect" is a Theatre production house innovated by three friends over a coffee table discussion with an idea of providing an entertaining platform to kids to explore their imaginations.

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Our Mission

Our passion is to create an opportunity for kids to experience their imaginations that they gather in their tender age. We aspire to bring to life what children envisage in a meaningful way.

Our Approach

Collaborate with Theatre Professionals to conceptualize and create stories into a live production that brings a child’s imaginations to life. Everything from the artists performing on stage, to the costumes of the characters, the music, backdrops and sets meet high standards so as to ensure quality production.

With Us...

Kids would get lot of inspiration with the wonderfully rich experiences of the play. The classic tales will come to life in their signature fun-filled way using audience members as the stars. Their lively performances will bring hilarity and spontaneity. They will be charmed by the clever stagecraft and melodious music.

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