About Us

“KidzConnect" is a Theatre production house innovated by three friends over a coffee table discussion with an idea of providing an entertaining platform to kids to explore their imaginations.

Children in Mumbai often struggle to find a place to play or engage themselves in recreational activities. Being parents ourselves we know that kids today are therefore more addicted to the electronic gadgets which limit their creativity. This inspired us to launch a one of its kind concept in theatre performances in January 2012.

Driven by the passion of providing today’s generation a platform of qualitative and educative entertainment we came up with “KidzConnect”. Our aim is to engage and fuel imaginations with humorous, enriching and above all entertaining content.

Our plays cover a broad range of genres and themes: original stories, as well as unique adaptations of classic stories and traditional tales. The scripts emotionally connect with kid’s favorite stories and characters with elements of humor, playfulness accompanied by melodious music and colorful sets and lights.

Let your child experience the rollercoaster of entertainment, joy and emotions with us!

Our Mission

Our passion is to create an opportunity for kids to experience their imaginations that they gather in their tender age. We aspire to bring to life what children envisage in a meaningful way.

Our Approach

Collaborate with theatre professionals to conceptualize and create stories into a live production that brings a child’s imaginations to life. Everything from the artists performing on stage, to the costumes of the characters, the music, backdrops and sets meet high standards so as to ensure quality production.

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