Natkhat Krishna

[August 2015]

Be ready to embark on a journey through Vrindavan along with Little Krishna and his friends. Always upto mischief and tricks, the gang is on a perpetual quest for their next pot of butter. In between all their pranks, the village also begins to realise the power and magic of the little son of Nanda and Yashodha.

A play in English that will appeal to kids of all ages with its high energy action and soft playful moments. So come, be a part of the wondrous adventures of Natkhat Krishna as he and his friends light up Vrindavan. Laugh, dance, sing and enjoy to the glory of his flute, mischief, affection, wisdom and bravery!!!

A Twisted Tale in Dillydale

[January 2014]

“A Twisted Tale in Dillydale”, is a rib tickling adventure featuring Roger Hargreaves iconic and classic characters Mr. Men Little Miss. A lot can happen when a naughty clown enters Dillydale to create havoc in the lives of Mr. Men Little Miss by taking away Little Miss Princess.

10 year old Daniel is then sent to stop the clown. An unforgettable journey follows when Daniel, Mr. Tickle, Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Sunshine and Mr. Strong set off to free Little Miss Princess. They must crack baffling clues and face challenging situations to get her back.

Will Daniel be able to help his new friends? Will he be able to stop the clown? What will happen when the Dillydalers find out the big secret about Daniel? To join in the adventure, come and watch this children’ spectacular musical.



Elf For a Day

[December 2012]

“An Enchanting Christmas play presented in a very special way. Annie gets chosen to be an Elf for a day and travels to Santa's secret world. Be a part of Annie’s magical journey to the north pole and feel the true spirit of Christmas.” Experience what is to be like an elf at Santa’s Workshop

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